PayMy GP


Allocating medical fees to practitioners and calculating service fees and GST can be complex. Is your practice currently using spreadsheets or other clunky options to allocate your Practitioner payments?

PayMy GP will save you time and headaches…

  • Save time and ensure accuracy with PayMyGP
  • Calculate payments to your GPs faster
  • Be transparent in demonstrating the calculations behind service fees
  • Save and email tax invoices at the click of a button
  • Clear and concise reports for GPs (and their accountants)
  • Lock service fee rates to GPs based on their contract
  • Filter and search your data with ease
  • Apply adjustments to service fees for stipend payments

Allows for multiple service fee rates.

Contact Jane on 0499 772 079 or Richard on 0499 888 109 for more information or a demonstration.

See below for a snapshot of this service fee calculator: